Kravak Blood Mage


Wyatt’s Character

WYATT – Darah
stats: con:2 str:1 dex:-1 int:0 wis:2 cha:0
Level 3 Xp:3

Race: Kravak
Max Hp: 24

Eldrich, blood magic is civilized form of combat, prefers humid climates, dislikes cold, good at climbing

Fears the return of the god the great worm. bad eye sight, glowing hands.

Drive Risk taker: survive when the odds are against you.

Background: Noble Lineage
Magic dagger 1 weight
Dagger 1 weight
Bandages 3 uses
Gear: dungeon rations (10 uses, 2 weight), leather
armor (1 armor, 1 weight) Spiked Ring (Concealed, 0 weight) Adventuring Gear (5 uses, 1 weight)
474 gold
Sukri’s shit. 1 weight
Branthor has helped me in the past. I will return the favor.

Nakir Also faces overwhelming danger, we shall fight together.

Nakir: I have come to understand his hatred of trolls and if possible i shall assist in thier destruction.

Blood Projectile
When you fire your blood out as a ranged attack, roll+CON.
✴On a 10+: Lose 3 HP, deal 2d6 damage to an opponent in Near.
✴On a 7-9: As a 10+, but something goes wrong. Choose 1.
•  Lose an additional 2 HP
•  You draw unwelcome attention or put yourself in a spot.
•  You take what you can get, deal -1d6 less damage

Burning Blood
When your blood leaves your body, it lights on fire and gains the Flaming tag.
You are unaffected by the flame.


Darrah the Kravak “Titles withheld for the duration of his pilgrimage”

Darrah is considered both widely and vehemently by himself to be the most skilled blood mage his race has ever produced. Though talented Darrah is still young by Kravak standards. He is a mere 664 and is over halfway through his third pilgrimage into the world of Vhestaga.

Darah would consider himself wise, talented, quick witted, modest and most importantly a survivor overcoming the odds the world throws at him and most importantly surviving the heavy tolls of his magic.

Darrah’s journey has joined him with his traveling companions Nakir and Branthor whom he has come to respect through their travels. As it stands Darrah has not overcome his Racial prejudice against Dwarves. But at the very least does not include Branthor in them as a sign of honest friendship. Nakir on the other hand Darrah is far more wary of given in their first encounter Nakir attempted to kill Darrah. Though the two of them have moved on from that day they are not close friends but will engage in banter each vying to get the last jab in.

At the moment Darrah is working together with traveling companions to protect the life of Shukri, an alchemist who believes he can cure the Plague which threatens to destroy the world. The problem is that Shukri ultimately claims that the source of the plauge is not the Dwarves, but the Kravak. Despite the outrage Shukri’s remakes draws from Darrah he protects him to learn if there is truth in what he says. For the greater good of his race he will attempt to find a cure which has brought ruin of unimaginable proportions on his people. And should Shukri’s claims be proved false, Darrah shall act as a representative of his proud race and show what happens to those of the lower races who dare to slander the Kravak and believe it will go unpunished.


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